Goodbye Graffiti™ proud to announce 2nd year of sponsorship of 2003 OPDL Girls

Goodbye Graffiti™ proud to announce 2nd year of sponsorship of 2003 OPDL Girls.  Our Sponsorship with the girls last year was a wonderful partnership and we were happy to sign up once again.  The girls are three games into the season and doing great.  We hope to be out on the sidelines cheering them on this year.

The game three report comes to us from Noemie:

This weekend we played Unionville. We lost 2-1 but we still played a good game. Our first two thirds we played quite well. As soon as we stepped in the field for the third third we kind of fell apart but came back for the last and finale third. Our movements on the ball and off the ball was amazing. We could’ve created more opportunities  to get more shots on net since we only had 7 shots and only 3 of those were on net. The defenders were strong at the back. My favourite play of the game was when Christina did an amazing corner kick and Cadence went for the header. She headed the ball but sadly it did not go in. Overall we had a good  and physical game hopefully we’ll start up again our winning streak next week let’s go stingers! 

Ford Transit added to Goodbye Graffiti™ Fleet

Goodbye Graffiti™ is pleased to announce the newest addition to our fleet the Ford Transit.  The Transit is a welcome addition to our fleet with the capability to complete 90% of our work in a much more compact and efficient package.  The Transits feature a customized shelving package designed specifically for our Franchise Network as well as a new decal package.   Since April 2017 we have added 6 new transits in Vancouver and Toronto and look forward to adding more in the near future.  

Goodbye Graffiti™ Toronto West and Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver break all-time sales records in May

Congratulations to Goodbye Graffiti™ Toronto West and Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver for breaking all-time sales records in May 2017.  G-Managers Danielle Beck and Alex Gazmin and their teams in Vancouver and Toronto have shown tremendous hard work and dedication over the last few months and continue to set and surpass their goals.  Thank you to both amazing teams for helping to keep their cities clean! We can’t wait to see what this summer holds.

Laurie Spivack, President of Goodbye Graffiti Seattle, graduates from prestigous 10,000 Small Business Program

Laurie Spivack, President of Goodbye Graffiti Seattle, has graduated from the pretigious 10,000 Small Businesses program. This program is a collaboration between Goldman Sachs and Babson College. Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses is an investment to help entrepreneurs create jobs and economic opportunity by providing greater access to education, capital and business support services. Program results show that 10,000 Small Businesses graduates consistently grow their revenues and create jobs at rates that outperform the broader economy.

Shown above, Laurie Spivack and Shakenna Williams MBA, Ph.D, Deputy Academic Director

Proud Sponsor of TAGS 2016 in Coquitlam

Goodbye Graffiti™ is a proud sponsor the 2016 Anti-Graffiti Symposium held this year in Coquitlam BC.  Tags 2016 is brought to you by the BC Lower Mainland Graffiti Task Force planning team.  The event is comprised of police and civic staff who along with partners like Goodbye Graffiti™ share innovative ideas and success stories. 

Graffiti hurts residents and business owners in many different ways. Areas where graffiti is present show a general increase in crime rates and a subsequent decrease in property values. Furthermore, it fosters social withdrawal and intimidates people from walking in the area. As well, there is less sense of community, decreased use of public spaces, and increased fear amongst residents. For businesses, if people don’t feel safe in the area, it can also affect sales by driving potential customers to other areas where they feel more safe and comfortable. 

The clean-up costs are significant. The cost nationally is estimated at $1.4-billion per year. 

Goodbye Graffiti™ is proud to be a part of this event each year across the country.

Aurora Stingers – September 18th Another Win

Game Reporter:  Christina

Thank you so much for the amazing sponsorship!!!

This weekend we played against Richmond Hill for the second time, it was a pretty good game overall, we won 1-0. It was a hot day but ended up raining threw out our game. The first third of our game we didn’t play our best but played good enough to make sure no goals went in.  Our second third we played a lot better once again we didn’t score any goals and so didn’t Richmond hill but we improved on our passing and got many opportunities on net. Our last third we did really well moving up the field and not forcing a cross and playing back to our defense to create better chances on net. Our keeper Noemi made some unbelievable saves. In the last ten minutes of the game I won the ball in the middle of the field and went down the wing to see Gabrielle open in the box and crossed the ball right to her to score the winning goal!   That was my favorite play of the game. We all had so much fun! In conclusion it was a good game!

Goodbye Graffiti™ Hole Sponsorship at Boma BC Golf Classic

On Thursday August 11th Goodbye Graffiti™ had a strong presence at the BOMA BC GOLF CLASSIC at Swaneset Bay Resort & Country Club.  We sponsored hole #5 and had an awesome day.  It was quite possibly the nicest day of the year in the lower mainland.  The sun was shining all day, we had music, cold drinks and lots of cool swag for everyone. Thank-you to all of our great clients and friends who came by and took some pictures with us, shared a cold beverage and got caught up.  Check out our Instagram or Twitter pages for a sample of the great photos.

Our team consisting of President Perri Domm, VP of Sales Kendra Klemke, Franchise Owner Jason Boyne and a guest appearance from our now great friend Edward of Hugh McKinnon had a great game finishing the at 6 under.  We were even lucky enough to go home with a few prizes.

Thanks again to BOMA and all of the wonderful volunteers who made for such a successful day.

Aurora Stingers – Game 8 Another Win!

Game 8

July 10th 2016 vs. North Toronto

Guest Reporter: Seema

In our game vs North Toronto we played really well as a team. In the first quarter, we were in possession for most of it and that helped us get a goal. We worked together to build up the play closer and closer to the opponents net. Defensively, we worked so hard to close the space down and regain possession. They got their goal just by luck after we slowed down. In the second quarter, we got another goal and so did they which made the score 2-2. We had so many amazing crosses which helped us get plenty of shots on net. In the last quarter, we were giving it our all because we were so anxious to win. If they got possession, we would get it back in a second. We tried so hard which helped us finish the game 4-2 for the Stingers. Good game girls!

Aurora Stingers – Game #2

May 16 vs Ottawa South United

Reporter:  Emily B


Thanks so much Goodbye Graffiti!!


This was our second game of the season, and everyone was excited to play because we were traveling to Ottawa. Our team played very well – we tied 1-1 and we all picked each other up when we had our off moments. Christina had an amazing goal in the game and we were all so excited!!  But I must say my favourite part of the game was when Noemie made an AMAZING save. Everyone thought the ball was going in but Noemie dived and just knocked the ball away!! She had a great game!! In conclusion I thought Ottawa was very fun especially our team-building event – an Amazing Race in downtown Ottawa!! I hope our team keeps on improving and having fun at our games!!




As in all sports, sponsorship is an extremely important part of a team and its success. “The Girls of 2003” are in their first year of Ontario Player Development League (OPDL) soccer.  This league was created by the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) in 2014 and is the province’s first standards-based youth league that combines top level competition with strict high-performance training standards.  OPDL teams have a base level of training intensity akin to professional soccer environments – our players not only compete against the best, but train like the best.  In 2016, there are 20 teams across Ontario that have earned an OPDL license.  The OPDL is part of the Canada Soccer Pathway, a high performance stream of excellence, designed to streamline the identification process for players with a goal of representing Canada one day.

Our schedule this season includes 20 games from May 7 to October 29 – traveling all over Ontario in the East Division.  Our away games include field locations like the University of Guelph, University of Toronto and Carleton University in Ottawa.  We can’t wait to get started!

The girls on this team have aspirations to play at Provincial, National, varsity and even professional levels.  The OPDL gives them the first step in achieving these goals but it is a huge time and financial commitment.  Our coaches are paid staff with National/Provincial coaching licenses and we train 3x per week from January to the end of October.   The incredible support we have from Goodbye Graffiti helps keep this level of soccer training affordable for all the players involved. 

Thank you Goodbye Graffiti!!