Graffiti Removal Canada


Congratulations to our Edmonton Franchisee, Martin Grantham for the City of Edmonton graffiti removal RFP.

As the successful proponent Goodbye Graffiti will work with the  City of Edmonton’s Capital City Clean Up Program.  The CCCU is a commitment from the City of Edmonton, to keep Edmonton clean, safe and graffiti free . Portions of the contract will also involve working with the City by-law enforcement program.

The Contract is for one year of service with two optional renewal terms.

Goodbye Graffiti is proud to continue to build relationships with municipalities through out Canada, working hand in had to clean cities one wall at a time.

For more information on Goodbye Graffiti please contact the Customer Care Centre at 1-877-684-4747 or

Graffiti Removal Canada


 It is with great pleasure that we at Goodbye Graffiti™ Inc. introduce Ms. Kendra Klemke as our new Senior Vice President of Sales. Prior to taking on this role Ms. Klemke was Vice President of Eastern Canadian Operations, working out of the Toronto West operation for the last two years. Before her promotion to Toronto as V.P. she was General Manager of the Vancouver Operation where she grew both the business and the team spirit with very positive changes and results in a short amount of time. Ms. Klemke’s operational experience and proven track record in sales make her the ideal selection for this role.

As Vice President of Sales, Kendra will join Ashleen Hundle, our sales and administration manager, in the National Accounts Department. Kendra’s focus will be on the expansion of our brand and continued North American leadership in this category.

We welcome Kendra back to our Head Office in Vancouver where she will build a stronger sales department and ensure we are a sales company first.

To contact Ms. Klemke directly email or call toll free at 1-877-684-4747. Any questions about the Company and this press release can be directed to Mrs. Amy Moscrop, Executive Assistant, at or call toll free at 1-877-684-4747.

Graffiti Removal Canada


 It is with great pleasure that we at Goodbye Graffiti™ introduce Ms. Katie Lee as our new General Manager at our Toronto West operation. For the past two years Ms. Lee has been working side by side with Kendra Klemke, Vice President of Sales learning every aspect of our business. Katie brings strong operational, financial and customer service skills and is eager to make her mark in Toronto.

As General Manager of our corporately run Toronto West Operation Katie will focus her efforts on sales and growth in a market with unlimited potential. In addition to sales growth Katie will be responsible while maintaining a flagship operation and Goodbye Graffiti™ Inc. presence in the East.

We congratulate Katie on this well-deserved promotion.

To contact Ms. Lee directly email or call 1-877-684-4747. Any questions about the Company and this press release can be directed to Mrs. Amy Moscrop, Executive Assistant, at or call toll free at  1-877-684-4747

Graffiti Removal Canada


Goodbye Graffiti™ has begun Phase Two testing on a new addition to our custom manufactured SuperGreen™ graffiti removal product line that allow us to remove virtually any mark on any surface. On June 17, 2014, our Certified Graffiti Removal Technicians from our Vancouver operation conducted a controlled Phase One test under the direction of our President, Perri Domm.

The variables in the test project included having all our comparable products used on the same surface with the same type of mark (ie – several layers of paint with black ink marker on poured concrete), a 24 hour poultice dwell time, and using the same technician when completing the removal process so there were few differences in the removal methods. Phase One of our extensive hands on testing was a success. Phase Two will include field testing focused on shadowing and natural stone surfaces. Goodbye Graffiti™ is fully committed to continuous improvement of our environmental practices, the most important of which is having fast, effective and environmentally friendly removal products. We will ensure we continue to utilize the most comprehensive graffiti removal product line available anywhere in the world. For further information on this or other exciting news from Goodbye Graffiti™ Inc. please