Goodbye Graffiti London prepares the canvas for Budweiser Gardens., a historic piece.

London, Ontario recently witnessed a remarkable transformation on one of its walls at Budweiser Gardens. Our very own Goodbye Graffiti London had the honour of preparing the canvas for this historic piece.
With our expertise in restoring surfaces and erasing unwanted markings, our London team was entrusted with the task of preparing the wall for a clean, fresh start for artist, Kevin Ledo. Our certified graffiti removal technicians ensured a smooth and pristine surface, providing the ideal foundation for the artwork to come.
The country music legend, Johnny Cash, had been historically tied to London, Ontario after proposing to June Carter at a performance in 1968 at Budweiser Gardens. The famous proposal was witnessed by the 7,000 audience members who came to watch The Man in Black perform. The moment so fondly remembered by fans will be immortalized on the North side of Budweiser Gardens by the giant mural. 
We hope the project highlights how revitalized and inviting spaces can deter vandalism while fostering a greater appreciation for meaningful and respectful street art. We send a big congratulations to everyone involved in making this come to life!