Get Graffiti off of Brick

Removing graffiti from brick is one of the most difficult types of graffiti removals.  Goodbye Graffiti™ has been removing countless marker types from numerous types of brick surfaces for over 15 years and successfully removed over 9,000,000 pieces of graffiti.  Our professionally certified Graffiti Removal technicians remove graffiti from brick using our proprietary product line and a gentle warm water wash.   Brick is a valuable and delicate substrate that requires the utmost care when removing graffiti.  Heritage buildings are the most vulnerable brick buildings that we work with, the substrates are often 100’s of years old and have sustained various removal attempts. Goodbye Graffiti™ is proud to have been recognized for its work in sustaining and preserving Heritage Buildings. To provide for gentle removal and protection of brick and other high value substrates Goodbye Graffiti™ is pleased to provide our clients with anti-graffiti coating. Our GP1000 anti-graffiti coating allows us to remove graffiti without the use of chemicals or abrasives, after which we simply reapply the coating to the affected area. This “zero-impact” process is non-destructive, environmentally friendly and inexpensive. GP1000 is fully reversible and can be easily removed using warm water if necessary. It is an inexpensive way of keeping your building exterior protected for 3-5 years.