Graffiti Removal


Pieces of Graffiti removed since 1997

We are experts in removing graffiti from any surface anywhere. Goodbye Graffiti™ Inc. produces a proprietary line of unique graffiti removal products that are capable of removing all types of graffiti from all substrates. In addition to removal products our product line includes Anti-Graffiti coating which protects surfaces while allowing for zero impact removals. In 2002, we developed and introduced a system that allows our technicians to repair window glass that has been damaged by the rapidly growing problem of vandalism caused by scratching and etching.

In 2014 we added Graff-Wraps™ to our product line. The GraffWrap™ product line allows for street equipment to be wrapped with a high impact vinyl barrier, that will instantly beautify the area. This capability has rounded off our product line and positioned Goodbye Graffiti™ with the most multifaceted anti-graffiti arsenal in the world.