Ever-Clean™ Program

Our Ever-Clean Program allows any organization to say Goodbye Graffiti™ in an effective and economical way. Our custom designed low cost maintenance programs can be utilized on everything from a single statue to an entire national chain of shopping malls.

The Ever-Clean Program includes:

  • The patrol of your entire property or asset at least once per week
  • Pictures of all graffiti with detailed description
  • Immediate removal of all marks including graffiti, stickers, posters
  • A detailed long-term service record
  • A monthly email report
  • Unlimited call-outs at no extra charge
  • Guaranteed response times for call-outs
  • Supplies needed such as colour matched paints
  • Great discounts on additional services such as gum removal, GraffWraps™, Etchiti™ and Scratchiti™ removal