Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

At Goodbye Graffiti™ we take pride in making Environmental Sustainability a priority in our business.


Our latest development includes our cutting edge fleet management software which has allowed us to have real time access to our fleet. The purpose of this software was to save money while increasing productivity all while preserving the environment. GraffLinx™ has allowed us to reduce fuel consumption by having live route management.

Graffiti Removal Technician Training

In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with equipment use, Goodbye Graffiti™ has a comprehensive training program for all Graffiti Technicians in which polices are outlined and taught by our corporate trainer. A few key topics include:

  • Clean instead of paint
  • The Ever-Clean Program
  • Effect Products
  • Water Care
  • Rag and Container Disposal
  • Chemical Disposal
  • Recycling Program

Custom War Wagons and Waste Water Collection

We have developed custom War Wagon™ graffiti removal vehicles that have built in technology pioneered by us to ensure zero impact waste water collection systems are in place. Goodbye Graffiti™ contains and removes waste water from every removal site and ensures proper treatment and disposal as per local by-laws.

Low Impact Service Vehicles

All Goodbye Graffiti™ operations include low impact vehicles for sales, patrols and light removals. Every day the majority of services performed are performed by certified technicians traveling by foot, bike or scooter.

For any further information on Goodbye Graffiti’s Environmental Sustainability Practices please contact our Customer Care Center at:

877- 684-4747