Scratchiti™ AND Etchiti™

Goodbye Graffiti™ is able to repair windows with scratches and etches for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Scratching occurs when a graffiti vandal uses a sharp object (e.g. spark plug, carbide drill bits, keys, etc.) to damage the glass. Bike handle bars, jewelry and other objects can also damage glass. To etch a window a glass etch cream is put into an applicator (e.g. bingo dabber) and used to write on the glass by taggers. In the past this type of vandalism on glass required replacement. Now, after extensive research and testing, we are able to remove scratches and etches and restore your glass to its original, clear, colourless form.

This is ideal for transit shelters and stations, shopping centers and stores, office lobbies, bank windows and jewelry stores. The savings can be substantial over replacement especially when the glass is thick and large or used to provide security. This newer form of graffiti is popular because the effects are considered non-reversible by the vandals.

 For more information on glass repair please contact our Customer Care Centre at:

(877) 684-47474