Graffiti removal business

Goodbye Graffiti™ Inc. was started in Vancouver, Canada in 1997. We are a community minded company whose mission is to “clean the world one wall at a time.” Our custom manufactured graffiti removal products allow us to remove virtually any mark on any surface. Our extensive hands on experience has allowed us to formulate the most comprehensive graffiti removal product line available anywhere. These products are used by our Certified Graffiti Technicians who have undergone an extensive certification program. They are trained to identify over 75 substrate types and 50 marker types. Using this information, the proper GR Product is chosen and the removal process begins. All our GR Products are made in Canada, environmentally friendly and meet or exceed all federal, provincial, and municipal environmental standards. Our team includes sales and franchising professionals, marketing professionals, chemists, and Certified Graffiti Technicians. Our network has expanded into 15 different market places across North America and we continue to grow.