Graffiti removal glass

Scratchiti™ and Etchiti™ are types of graffiti specific to glass. Scratchiti™ refers to a tag scratched into glass with various items including keys, small pieces of glass or jewellery. Etchiti™ refers to tags that are “etched” or burned into the glass. To etch a window a glass etch cream is put into an applicator (e.g. bingo dabber) and used to write on the glass by taggers. Etchiti™ and Scratchiti™ on glass have traditionally been very costly to property owners. Even small areas of damage have meant replacement of large expensive panels of glass. With much research and testing Goodbye Graffiti™ is able to repair glass damage caused by Etchiti™ and Scratchiti™ and return glass to its clear natural state. This service is ideal for any building or structure with high value glass such as banks, jewellery stores and transit shelters. As a preventative measure Goodbye Graffiti™ also offers Scratchiti™ Stop Security Film to protect your windows against Scratchiti™ and Etchiti™ while also giving you all the benefits of traditional security film. Once a mark has been made, the film can be quickly replaced at a fraction of the cost of window replacement.