International Women’s Day 2019

The Goodbye Graffiti™ network is proud to hire, promote and support women in business.  Did you know that 80% of Goodbye Graffiti’s head office employees are women?

In what one may think is a traditionally male industry, women at Goodbye Graffiti™ continue to thrive.  Perri Domm, owner and founder of Goodbye Graffiti™ has continuously hired and promoted women into management positions resulting in long term employees and a successful business.  Currently, the positions of Goodbye Graffiti’s Vice President, Vice President of Operations, Customer Care Manager and National Accounts Administrator are held by women with a combined 35 years of experience with the company.  In addition to Goodbye Graffiti’s corporate employees, Goodbye Graffiti’s largest and most successful franchise Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver is both owned and managed by women.  In partnership with Perri Domm, the women of Goodbye Graffiti™ have worked to create the world largest and most  Graffiti Removal franchise network.

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