Staff Profile: John Bell

Name: John Bell

Goodbye Graffiti™ Location: Toronto West                                 

Start Date: 15/Jan 2015

Role with Goodbye Graffiti™: Previously Technician, now Sentinel

What did you do before Goodbye Graffiti™: Shipping Dock Worker

What are your strengths as a Goodbye Graffiti™ team member: Team Player, Professional, Problem Solver, Friendly, Knowledgeable

Favourite part of your role with Goodbye Graffiti™: Preserving Murals, Removing Hate Speech

The Most challenging part of your role with Goodbye Graffiti™: Working in Chinatown/Spadina (Never any parking!)

What is the most interesting piece of graffiti you have ever seen: None…If it looks good then it’s a mural that has been done professionally. The rest can be removed