Staff Profile: Marco Hantke Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver

Name: Marco Hantke

Goodbye Graffiti™ Location: Vancouver

Start Date: April 01/ 2014

Role with Goodbye Graffiti™: Lead Graffiti Removal Technician

What did you do before Goodbye Graffiti™: Previously 2001- 2007 I worked in the Security Industry, starting from field work to managing a company with close to 50 employees per night. 2008-2011 I began my career in the Surrey Branch of Goodbye Graffiti as an Ever Clean Patroller. 2012-2014 I was a contractor in the construction field.

What are your strengths as a Goodbye Graffiti™ team member: I feel that I take on a leadership role here at GGV. My fellow coworkers always confide in my experience and knowledge in the field. I enjoy working in a team environment within my community to make it a safer and cleaner place. Learning our diverse product line and procedures has helped me become more proficient in the techniques and best practices to be successful here. I also love the fact that I am working with a Company that leads the industry in social sustainability and green environmental practices.

The best part of your role with Goodbye Graffiti™:  I love how the public reacts to seeing us in the streets when we do our job. I have random people always say things like, “thank you, you’re doing a great job.” I also know and can physically see that we are making a difference in our community.

The Most challenging part of your role with Goodbye Graffiti™: Our work must be perfect, there is no room for mistakes when it comes to our client’s assets and their substrates. When we remove or restore a surface it must be done by the book, thoroughly and evenly and to our clients’ satisfaction 100% of the time. There are elements that make this challenging at times such as the weather, physical barriers and even the location of a job.

What is the most interesting piece of graffiti you have ever seen: I recall patrolling Stanley Park in Vancouver and noticing a spray bomb which was incredible. It appeared to be a collaboration of two well-known graffiti artists. It was a 1940’s era full-size body of a man with a head resembling a large cartoon monster. It was colourful, creative and absolutely amazing!