Staff Profile: Xiomara Hurtado

Name: Xiomara Hurtado

Goodbye Graffiti™ Location: Vancouver

Start Date: May 2016

Role with Goodbye Graffiti™: Administrator

What did you do before Goodbye Graffiti™:I worked for the Royal Bank.

What are your strengths as a Goodbye Graffiti™ team member:  I can multitask and complete various tasks and I work well under pressure.  I am also tech-savvy.

Favourite part of your role with Goodbye Graffiti™: My favorite part of my role is being able to work with such an amazing team.

The Most challenging part of your role with Goodbye Graffiti™: Scheduling jobs with Vancouver’s Unpredictable weather.

What is the most interesting piece of graffiti you have ever seen: Smokey D’s art in the downtown east side highlighting the opioid crisis we are experiencing.