Aurora Stingers – Game 8 Another Win!

Game 8

July 10th 2016 vs. North Toronto

Guest Reporter: Seema

In our game vs North Toronto we played really well as a team. In the first quarter, we were in possession for most of it and that helped us get a goal. We worked together to build up the play closer and closer to the opponents net. Defensively, we worked so hard to close the space down and regain possession. They got their goal just by luck after we slowed down. In the second quarter, we got another goal and so did they which made the score 2-2. We had so many amazing crosses which helped us get plenty of shots on net. In the last quarter, we were giving it our all because we were so anxious to win. If they got possession, we would get it back in a second. We tried so hard which helped us finish the game 4-2 for the Stingers. Good game girls!