Beautify Your Storefront This Spring With 5 Simple Tips

Have Your Storefront Power Washed

    • The salt, sand and debris from Canadian winters can be an eyesore for potential customers. Goodbye Graffiti™ can provide free power washing estimates if you are uncertain of how much this may cost you.

Give Your Storefront a Fresh Coat of Paint:

    • Snow and rain can be particularly harsh on the painted exterior of your building. By giving your storefront a pop of colour or by restoring any areas that may have been chipped during the winter months, you can completely revive the look of your store.

Clean the Inside of Your Display Window:

    • Planning to change the seasonal display in your window? Ensure the inside of the glass is thoroughly cleaned and free of any tape, glue or residue from the previous season. This will allow your customers to focus on the product and not a messy display!

Get a Graffiti Removal Plan in Place:

    • We all love the warm weather, however, with the warm weather comes an increase in graffiti. In addition to ensuring that your store is free of graffiti, it is equally important to make sure that it stays that way! Our Ever-Clean™ Program is a monthly maintenance program whereby our technicians patrol your site weekly and remove any graffiti found on site. The importance? Not only can by-law infractions become costly, graffiti attracts more graffiti! We want to get it off and keep it off!

Create a Welcoming Environment With Vibrant Flowers

    • Hanging baskets are a great and cost-effective way to bring life to your storefront! With a number of different flowers and styles to choose from, you can easily add a splash of colour to catch the eyes of potential customers. Visit your local florist for the most suitable arrangements for your particular storefront.