Goodbye Graffiti Convention 2023

Toronto played host to this year’s highly anticipated Goodbye Graffiti Annual Convention. This remarkable event brought together our teams from across the country to celebrate their wins, engage in team building exercises, and strategically plan for the future. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Katie and Alex from the Toronto West office for hosting the kick-off for this unforgettable gathering that honoured the successes of Goodbye Graffiti.
To foster stronger connections and unity among the locations across Canada, the convention incorporated several team building events. These events not only encouraged communication and collaboration but also created an atmosphere of camaraderie among everyone in attendance.
While celebrating past achievements was an important aspect of the convention, the event also served as a platform for forward-thinking discussions and strategic planning. We explored innovative techniques and industry best practices to further enhance our effectiveness in combating graffiti.
The Goodbye Graffiti Annual Convention has become the highlight every year, providing a space for networking, celebration and strategic planning. The convention empowers our franchises to enhance their impact and contribute to the beautification of communities across Canada.
We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!