Goodbye Graffiti Convention 2024

Franchisees from across Canada gathered in the picturesque setting of Banff, Alberta, for the Goodbye Graffiti annual convention. This much-anticipated event was a vibrant celebration of the remarkable successes achieved by our franchises over the past year. Attendees engaged in stimulating discussions on new ideas and improvements to our services, fostering a spirit of innovation and collaboration. 
In addition to the productive sessions, the convention featured enjoyable team-building activities, including a creative bag decorating workshop, bowling and an inspiring tour of Banff, highlighting the beauty and charm of the landscape. We were lucky enough to celebrate the birthdays of some incredible members of our team as well – Kendra Klemke, Brent Murdoch, Jennifer Farley, Brent Bowman and James Priest. 
We also celebrated some key achievements reached by our franchisees. A special mention to: 
Highest Sales Growth – Victoria
Most Estimates Written – Toronto West
Highest Glass Repair Sales – Toronto East
Highest Coating Sales – Toronto West
Highest Pressure Washing Sales – Ottawa
And a HUGE congratulations to Vancouver for winning the Market Of The Year!
The convention was a perfect blend of professional growth, creative expression, and heartfelt celebration, leaving everyone motivated and ready for another great year ahead!