Graffiti Removal Vancouver

Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver has been removing graffiti since 1997. The first of a successful network of graffiti removal franchises across North America. Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver focuses its efforts in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler and Richmond. Since its inception Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver has cleaned 1000’s of buildings.

Currently Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver removes graffiti from almost 3,000 individual locations are part of Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver’s Ever-Clean program on a weekly basis. Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver services 4 Business Improvement Area’s ensuring every business is graffiti free. Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver’s clients include private building owners to multi-national corporations. Some of Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver’s many clients include; BC Hydro, BC Liquor Stores, Colliers International, Remax Reality, KAP Management and Warrington PCI Management. Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver has received recognition from the City of Vancouver for their work in preservation of heritage substrates. As well Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver prides themselves on their involvement in the community.

Most recently Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver has partnered with Coast Mental Health to employ graduates of the Transitional Employment Program with meaningful employment.

graffiti removal vancouver

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Services in Vancouver

Graffiti Removal

Expert Graffiti Removal from any surface anywhere.


An effective an economical maintenance program to keep your building or asset graffiti free.

Anti-Graffiti Coating

Both permanent and sacrificial coatings professionally applied. Allowing for low impact, environmentally friendly and inexpensive graffiti removal.

Scratchiti™ and Etchiti™

Certified Technicians repair windows with scratches and etches at a fraction of the cost of replacement.


Wrap your asset with a high impact vinyl barrier, to instantly beautify any community and decrease graffiti frequency


Professional removal and disposal of all needles by certified bio-hazard technicians.

No Touch Sanitization

Certified technicians sanitize any item inside or out, to destroy Covid-19 and other harmful viruses and bacteria.

Report Graffiti