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Vancouver Pride 2023

Vancouver Pride 2023 brought together people from all walks of life to celebrate love, equality, and diversity in a spectacular display of colors, energy, and unity. The annual event, known for its vibrant parades, empowering speeches, and electrifying performances, once again proved that love knows no boundaries. 
Goodbye Graffiti kicked off the weekend at Public Disco Pride Special where they enjoyed The Cobalt’s newly painted patio. The Vancouver team enjoyed great music and a spectacular Drag & Burlesque show to finish the night. Participants wore elaborate costumes, waved flags, and danced to the music that resonated with the spirit of unity and pride.
On Sunday the streets of Vancouver came alive with a sea of colours. Floats were covered with rainbows, glitter, and the messages of love weaved through the city’s downtown core, attracting a crowd that exuded joy and acceptance. Vancouver Pride 2023 made it clear that inclusivity was at the heart of the celebration!
Our team had an absolute blast celebrating the power of unity and love. This year’s events, vibrant parades, powerful speeches, diverse artistic expressions, and inclusive spaces all worked cohesively to create an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding. We will continue to work towards nurturing an environment that promotes equality, inclusivity and LOVE.