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Why My Storefront Should Be Clean

Your storefront is the first impression for your clients.  As with many situations first impressions are very important and can affect future relationships.  An unkempt storefront is negative advertising for your business. Power washing your storefront is a simple, cost effective way of creating a clean, inviting atmosphere for your clients. Why is it important to power wash your storefront:

Client Experience

Clients entering a clean, well-cared for storefronts are more likely to feel comfortable and secure in your store.  A clean space will allow clients to focus on the reason for their visit to your business and not be distracted with dirt and debris.


Clients often associate cleanliness and safety.  If a storefront is clean and well cared for it is much more likely to be considered safe.  Clients are not likely to want to spend money in an environment where they feel unsafe.  By ignoring small maintenance issues like power washing and window cleaning you are more likely to attract further vandalism which will also contribute to a feeling of being unsafe.


Your storefront is an important part of your advertising campaign.  In particular retail storefronts are designed to intrigue and draw in clients.  Just as important as your window display or your signage, is a clean and inviting entrance way.  You are much more likely to draw in new, walk in clients with a clean inviting store fronts.

Regular Maintenance is more Cost Effective than once off jobs

Having a power washing or building Maintenance Company regularly clean your storefront is much more cost effective than letting dirt and grime build up.  Regular maintenance allows for your storefront to be consistently clean while spending less.

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