Can Graffiti Affect Your Your Property Value?

Graffiti and vandalism can cost more to property owners than the price of removal. Potential buyers and customers may be deterred from entering the property as it may indicate an overall lack of care or maintenance. This may result in a loss of revenue for businesses and less interest from potential buyers. The National Association of Realtors reports that properties with graffiti are estimated to lose 15% of their value and nearly 25% when the graffiti is profane or hateful in nature. Goodbye Graffiti offers free removals of Hate or Racist graffiti. 
Incidences of graffiti and vandalism can also affect the aesthetic appeal of a neighbourhood. The presence of graffiti can influence the feeling of safety and security for residents and visitors to the surrounding areas. Graffiti tends to attract more graffiti and has been linked to an increase in crime. Neighbourhoods with higher incidences of crime may result in higher levels of vacancies and an overall threat to residential stability. It is important to have a graffiti maintenance program in place to deter the occurrence of future tags while providing a sense of care and stability for the neighbourhood. 
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