City Of Toronto Cleaning Blitz

The City of Toronto is currently under a cleaning blitz! On October 25th, John Tory made an announcement regarding the complaints he has been receiving from the residents of Toronto. He has vowed to take immediate action on a number of requests including graffiti removal on public and private property. 
These blitzes taking place over the next few weeks are Mayor John Tory’s promise for “ongoing efforts to address cleanliness of the city and nuts and bolts of frontline service.” 
We are proud to work closely with the City of Toronto since 2013 to protect the city’s mural art and remove graffiti. We are excited to be a part of this initiative and look forward to keeping the city graffiti-free!
“All of these initiatives are meant to help clean up our city streets and public spaces. This is just the beginning but it is an important start and I hope it sends a message across our public service that a clean Toronto is an absolute priority,” said Tory, in a release.