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The Benefits of Coating Your Mural

Mural art is a terrific way to beautify your storefront or building to attract tourists and local foot traffic. It is an effective way for contracted artists to tell their story and deliver pieces of history to admirers. The artist can be the start of new conversations and communicate new ideas or old traditions to passersby.

In a fast-paced city, it is a way to slow down pedestrians to appreciate the details of the large artwork. Murals create a sense of community by calling its members to protect and take care of the artist’s story.

Fall is the perfect time to coat your murals to prevent any damage from the elements during the harsh Canadian winters. Chipping and peeling paint can be difficult to repair and can leave the art permanently damaged.

In addition, intentional damage to the mural can be mitigated by prompt and effective graffiti removal. Our anti-graffiti coating eases the removal process and allows the original artwork to remain untouched.

Learn more about the effectiveness of our GP1000/2000 anti-graffiti coating and how it can benefit your mural art by contacting your local GG office.