Graffiti vs. Street Art

Graffiti vs Street Art


Goodbye Graffiti sponsored two mural festivals this summer in Calgary (YYCBUMP) and Vancouver (vanmuralfest). The weeks were filled with an abundance of vibrant colours, beautiful artwork and learning while listening to the stories of Canada’s history. 


Many people ask the question, “What is the difference between graffiti and street art?”. The answer is simple! Street art is a commissioned piece with the permission of the property or asset owner. Graffiti is done without the knowledge or permission of the owner. Street art is done for the public to enjoy and as a positive addition to the community, while graffiti is committed as a form of vandalism. 


Goodbye Graffiti prepped and coated many murals throughout both festivals so that any future vandalism may be removed without damaging the original work. 


At Goodbye Graffiti, we find it important to connect with local artists so that they may find an outlet to share their history to serve as a teaching lesson for future generations.