Last Days Of Summer

Let’s face it, the days of summer are counting down and the time we have left with warm, sunny weather is limited. 

Before you get to checking off your summer bucket list, have you considered what Fall maintenance your property may need? We’ve put together 5 points to check in on while we have some warm weather left!

  1. Do a full inspection of your property to see if there is any chipped paint or areas that require a fresh coat. Exterior painting in the peak of summer heat is less than ideal. Use this time to refresh the look of your property!
  2. Consider power washing – it may be your last chance to clean your patios, driveways and entrances. The exterior of your property may also be in need of a cleaning.
  3. Protect your important assets with an anti-graffiti coating. This is a great option for heritage buildings, monuments and high-value surfaces.
  4. Does your property require window or glass repair? Have one of our technicians assess your site to schedule our glass repair services before the winter months! 
  5. Enroll in a graffiti maintenance program while hiring your fall and winter contractors. Many Canadian snowbirds are unable to make regular visits to their properties while away for the winter months. Be sure that your property is regularly patrolled and graffiti-free with our Ever-Clean program.

For more information about our services and how you can get your property Fall and Winter ready, call 1-877-684-4747 or submit a request for a free estimate.