StreetARToronto (stART)

StreetARToronto (stART) began in 2012 as a part of the city’s way to mitigate Toronto’s growing graffiti problem. Rather than plain walls, stART has organized community initiatives where artists can share their cultural traditions and history through mural art. The program has had a great success in reducing graffiti while strengthening the sense of community in the city.

StART, in collaboration with NIA Centre and 7th Generation Image Makers, is seeking artists and concepts for their “Just Us” art call. This project is to bring awareness pertaining to the social injustices and inequity experienced by the Black and Indigenous community both in history and currently. The art concepts should also show the importance of building a better future and the opportunities this will provide through inclusion, collaboration and knowledge sharing. 

For more information on this, and upcoming stART programs, visit their website at Artist’s mural proposals are due September 15th, 2021!