Goodbye Graffiti™ Surrey Awarded City of Surrey Graffiti Removal Contract

We are pleased to announce Goodbye Graffiti™ Surrey has been awarded the City of Surrey graffiti removal contract.  Surrey is the largest city in land area in Metro Vancouver and one of the fastest growing cities in all of Canada.

As the sole contractor Goodbye Graffiti™ Surrey will be responsible for over 80 city owned parks and buildings including libraries and community centres.  Goodbye Graffiti™ will be active in the city of Surrey daily, monitoring, patrolling and removing graffiti.

The technicians, administrators and ownership at Goodbye Graffiti™ Surrey are dedicated to serving the city of Surrey and its residents.  We look forward to giving you the cleanest, greenest Surrey possible.

Goodbye Graffiti™ and Dulux Paints partner to Knock out Racism

A cornerstone of our business at Goodbye Graffiti™  for over 20 years has always been the FREE removal of racist and hate graffiti.  Racist and hate graffiti has always been a priority, once notified we are on site immediately, we use all available resources to efficiently and professionally remove or cover any hate or racist graffiti free of charge to the citizen.  Goodbye Graffiti™ and Dulux paints have a long-standing business relationship and have now taken the exciting next step to knock out racism together.  Dulux paints will now cover the cost of any paint needed by Goodbye Graffiti™ operations to cover the graffiti.  Both Goodbye Graffiti™ and Dulux paints are strong proponents of supporting the communities we work in and promoting inclusive, safe neighbourhoods.  If you or someone you know is ever affected by racist or hate graffiti please do not hesitate to call Goodbye Graffiti’s Customer Care line at 1-877-684-4747.  

Goodbye Graffiti™ Edmonton and Free Footie!

Goodbye Graffiti™ Edmonton’s franchise owner, Martin Grantham is proud to announce that he is partnering with Free Footie YEG.  Free Footie’s Mission is to “provide vulnerable kids with the opportunity to play in a safe, accessible and inclusive environment at no to cost to them or their families – because when kids are empowered through play, their families, their schools and their communities are empowered as well”. 

The Free Footie program ensures that any boy or girl in grades 3-6 who attends school in the areas they serve can play soccer if they want.  Free Footie covers the cost of registration but also includes; shin pads, soccer socks, shorts, a ball and jersey for every player. In addition to fees and equipment, Free Footie ensures games are scheduled right after school in their own communities so transportation does not become a hindrance.

In addition to learning about soccer and improving their skills, the Free Footie program provides a well-needed break from the stressful home lives that many of these children encounter.

Martin is proud and excited to be a part of this wonderful program! and we look forward to seeing the children progress through out the year.

Staff Profile: Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver General Manager, Danielle Beck

In the spirit of International Women’s Day 2019 we take this opportunity to profile another strong, successful women at Goodbye Graffiti™, Danielle Beck.  Danielle has risen through the ranks at Goodbye Graffiti™ beginning in Toronto in 2013 as a Sentinel and an Administrator to today managing Goodbye Graffiti’s largest and most successful market, Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver.  Under Danielle’s leadership, Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver has been revitalized and with record-breaking sales accomplishments and renewed relationships with clients throughout the city.

Role with Goodbye Graffiti™: General Manager Vancouver & Sea to Sky

What did you do before Goodbye Graffiti™: Prior to coming on board with Goodbye Graffiti I was a Human Resources Manager for one of the largest General Motors Dealerships in Ontario.

What are your strengths as a Goodbye Graffiti™ team member: I try and create a framework for people in different functional disciplines to work together effectively towards a common goal. My unwavering commitment to Customer Service and realistically high standards are what makes me a strong leader at Goodbye Graffiti. `

The best part of your role with Goodbye Graffiti™:  I love working as part of a team with many moving parts that must flow together seamlessly in order to be successful. Motivating people to reach a common goal is exhilarating for me and something I take a lot of pride in. Our team at the Vancouver office is super tight-knit and it is a pleasure working with each and everyone in such a vibrant community.  As a fully trained and certified lift vehicle operator, I also love driving some of the big articulating boom lifts we utilize to safely remove large pieces of graffiti from precarious places.

The Most challenging part of your role with Goodbye Graffiti™: Scheduling around the weather!

What is the most interesting piece of graffiti you have ever seen:  Muralists are incredibly inspiring with their larger than life creations. I am particularly fond of cultural or political pieces that make you stop and think about an idea, perhaps step outside of your world view and see a new perspective. Richard Tetrault is an amazing Visual Artist, Muralist here in Vancouver and his amazing cultural work can be seen all over the city.  iHeart and Banksy also come to mind.


International Women’s Day 2019

The Goodbye Graffiti™ network is proud to hire, promote and support women in business.  Did you know that 80% of Goodbye Graffiti’s head office employees are women?

In what one may think is a traditionally male industry, women at Goodbye Graffiti™ continue to thrive.  Perri Domm, owner and founder of Goodbye Graffiti™ has continuously hired and promoted women into management positions resulting in long term employees and a successful business.  Currently, the positions of Goodbye Graffiti’s Vice President, Vice President of Operations, Customer Care Manager and National Accounts Administrator are held by women with a combined 35 years of experience with the company.  In addition to Goodbye Graffiti’s corporate employees, Goodbye Graffiti’s largest and most successful franchise Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver is both owned and managed by women.  In partnership with Perri Domm, the women of Goodbye Graffiti™ have worked to create the world largest and most  Graffiti Removal franchise network.

#balanceforbetter #IWD #IWD2019

An Open Letter on Creating a Culture of Kindness and Leading by Example – Perri Domm

How do you encourage your employees to go above and beyond for clients?

How do you encourage a culture of kindness at your business?

Often during the holiday season, we are reminded of the significance of giving back and being kind to one another.  It is important that we do “extra” during this special time of year, but it is also important that we take the time to create a culture of kindness throughout the year.  It has been said that those who witness others being generous and kind are more likely to be generous and kind, and those who witness others go above and beyond are more likely to go above and beyond as well.  Since day one the founder of Goodbye Graffiti™, Perri Domm, has made creating a culture of generosity and kindness a priority at Goodbye Graffiti™.

Within-day to day operations at Goodbye Graffiti™ Perri has built giving back into the business model.  Every Goodbye Graffiti™ Office across the country offers free removal of hate and racist graffiti.   In 2012 Perri partnered with Coast Mental Health to provide opportunities at our shops for individuals with employment barriers in returning to work.  Perri has also worked hard to secure annual donations from all Goodbye Graffiti markets to The Eureka Camp Society benefitting children with invisible disabilities.  From 2006-2016 Perri and Goodbye Graffiti™ staff spent summers in Tofino running a charity fishing program, selling guided fishing trips to benefit charities including; including Zero Ceiling, Fire Fighters, Camp Eureka, Animal Welfare and the Canucks Autism Network.  In 2018 Perri Domm mandated Naloxone training for all staff.  An afternoon was spent being educated on the importance of the life saving use of Naloxone.  Every Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver technician now carries Naloxone on their person, and in the 10 months since training, 5 lives have been saved by our staff.

In addition to making giving back a part of our business.  Perri has also shown the example of giving back personally through his support of many different organizations over the years.   The organizations have included: Whistler Adaptive Ski Program where he volunteers to train athletes with disabilities, The Whistler Animal Galore’s charity box donation program where his efforts raise thousands of dollars a month to benefit animals in need of support.  In addition to Whistler Animal Galore’s coin box program, Perri and his family also support rescue dogs in their home, they currently have 4 rescue dogs as beloved pets.

Moving into 2019/2020 Perri will establish The Spectrum Ranch to employ 20-30 autistic adults as a legacy project. 

Finally looking ahead to the future of Goodbye Graffiti™, Perri is working closely with his staff to create succession plans to reward long-term employees who have worked hard to make Goodbye Graffiti™ the successful brand it is today.

We encourage all within and outside of our network to look closely at what they can do to create a culture of kindness and generosity around them. 




Amy Moscrop

Vice President Goodbye Graffiti™ Inc.

Across North America 1-877-684-4747


Goodbye Graffiti Offices will Donate 1% of Contract Sales in October and November to Local Foodbanks

The Goodbye Graffiti™ Franchise Association in conjunction with Goodbye Graffiti™ Inc. have decided to donate 1% of all contract revenue to local food banks in the communities where are businesses reside.  We are grateful to these communities for helping to make us Canada’s largest Graffiti Removal network and want to do what we can to give back.  1% of any contract job sold in October and November will be donated to local food banks.  The beneficiaries will include; The Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Surrey Food Bank, The Share Society, Central Okanagan Food Bank, Calgary Food Bank, Daily Bread Toronto, Ottawa Foodbank, London Food Bank and Feed Nova Scotia.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free estimate for graffiti removal, power washing, Scratchiti™, and Etchiti™ removal, GraffWraps™.  This is the perfect time to give your building a fresh look right before the busy holiday season while giving back to your community.

Staff Profile: Marco Hantke Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver

Name: Marco Hantke

Goodbye Graffiti™ Location: Vancouver

Start Date: April 01/ 2014

Role with Goodbye Graffiti™: Lead Graffiti Removal Technician

What did you do before Goodbye Graffiti™: Previously 2001- 2007 I worked in the Security Industry, starting from field work to managing a company with close to 50 employees per night. 2008-2011 I began my career in the Surrey Branch of Goodbye Graffiti as an Ever Clean Patroller. 2012-2014 I was a contractor in the construction field.

What are your strengths as a Goodbye Graffiti™ team member: I feel that I take on a leadership role here at GGV. My fellow coworkers always confide in my experience and knowledge in the field. I enjoy working in a team environment within my community to make it a safer and cleaner place. Learning our diverse product line and procedures has helped me become more proficient in the techniques and best practices to be successful here. I also love the fact that I am working with a Company that leads the industry in social sustainability and green environmental practices.

The best part of your role with Goodbye Graffiti™:  I love how the public reacts to seeing us in the streets when we do our job. I have random people always say things like, “thank you, you’re doing a great job.” I also know and can physically see that we are making a difference in our community.

The Most challenging part of your role with Goodbye Graffiti™: Our work must be perfect, there is no room for mistakes when it comes to our client’s assets and their substrates. When we remove or restore a surface it must be done by the book, thoroughly and evenly and to our clients’ satisfaction 100% of the time. There are elements that make this challenging at times such as the weather, physical barriers and even the location of a job.

What is the most interesting piece of graffiti you have ever seen: I recall patrolling Stanley Park in Vancouver and noticing a spray bomb which was incredible. It appeared to be a collaboration of two well-known graffiti artists. It was a 1940’s era full-size body of a man with a head resembling a large cartoon monster. It was colourful, creative and absolutely amazing!

Staff Profile: John Bell

Name: John Bell

Goodbye Graffiti™ Location: Toronto West                                 

Start Date: 15/Jan 2015

Role with Goodbye Graffiti™: Previously Technician, now Sentinel

What did you do before Goodbye Graffiti™: Shipping Dock Worker

What are your strengths as a Goodbye Graffiti™ team member: Team Player, Professional, Problem Solver, Friendly, Knowledgeable

Favourite part of your role with Goodbye Graffiti™: Preserving Murals, Removing Hate Speech

The Most challenging part of your role with Goodbye Graffiti™: Working in Chinatown/Spadina (Never any parking!)

What is the most interesting piece of graffiti you have ever seen: None…If it looks good then it’s a mural that has been done professionally. The rest can be removed


Happy International Women’s Day from Goodbye Graffiti™

All around the world today the achievements, power, and potential of women are being celebrated.  Goodbye Graffiti™ is proud to join in the celebrations of International Women’s Day.  In a male-dominated industry, Goodbye Graffiti™ executive team is 75% women.  These women manage day-to-day operations, finances, marketing, and franchising.  The achievements of this executive team have surpassed any previous team after 20 years in business.  We are passionate in our support of the women on our team and all women in business.  #SheInspiresMe #HeforShe