Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver supports #MakeArtWhileApart on Boarded Up Businesses in Vancouver during COVID-19 Pandemic

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No Touch Sanitization

As per our latest blog post, Goodbye Graffiti™ is proud to offer our new No Touch Sanitization service.  In an effort to adapt to our “new normal”,  keep our employees working, and help our communities we have developed our No Touch Sanitization program.

Our technicians now have the capability to sanitize any hard surface inside or out.  Our product is certified by the Government of Canada as effective in destroying the COVID-19 virus in addition to many other bacteria and viruses.

In a few short weeks, we have had great success with this product.  In the midst of the current pandemic, the service is safeguarding residential buildings and essential businesses including banks, gas stations, grocery stores, pharmacies, and delivery fleets. We are also sanitizing transit shelters and municipal street equipment among other assets, keeping our communities safe.

As we think about what the future might look like, it is never too early to plan for the reopening of our communities.  We can plan ahead to sanitize playgrounds, stadiums, retail shops, theatres, malls, casinos, etc.  Our experiences today will change the way we interact in the world and the importance of cleanliness and sanitization will be at the forefront for consumers and citizens.

If you would like more information on No Touch Sanitization please call our Customer Care Centre at 1-877-684-4747 or email



Goodbye Graffiti™ Offers New – No Touch Sanitization Program

Dear Valued Clients,

In these uncertain times, Goodbye Graffiti™ continues taking active measures to ensure the health and wellness of our clients, staff and business partners.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our team has decided to launch a new service to be of further assistance during this time and have found a natural fit in sanitization services.  Goodbye Graffiti™ is proud to offer No Touch Sanitization in all of our operations across Canada.

Our team of Certified Graffiti Technicians will sanitize public and private assets as they patrol for graffiti in the field.  This new service has been launched in order to help our local communities combat the spread of COVID-19 and other hazardous bacteria, prioritizing the health and well-being of our communities. Our programs can be customized to fit any need or budget. Schedules can include one-time, regular or special event sanitization.

Our disinfectant and sanitizer can be used on any hard surface, inside or out, and is rated by Health Canada as effective for the destruction of the COVID-19 virus.

For more information on our No Touch Sanitization Program or for a free estimate please call us at 1-877-684-4747.

We continue keep our clients and communities in our thoughts.  Despite the current struggles, we are optimistic for the future and proud of the resilience and strength demonstrated by Canadian’s across the country.



Amy Moscrop

Vice President, Goodbye Graffiti™ Inc

Goodbye Graffiti’s Response to COVID-19

Dear valued clients,

Our thoughts go out to all our friends and customers in these challenging times. As is the entire Country, we are listening closely to the guidelines and recommendations put forward by Canada’s Public Health Agency and the Prime Minister. The health and safety of our employees, clients, and communities is of the utmost importance. Together, as always, Canadians will show both strength and courage in this ever-changing environment.  

We understand that, given the current climate, there is an increased risk of graffiti and other forms of vandalism. We are sending this letter to assure you that we are working diligently to provide you with the best possible service in the days to come. We have taken additional measures to ensure the social distancing of our infield technicians by staggering start times and have implemented extreme sanitation protocols to ensure our team remains healthy. Our in-office staff remain busy working from home, administering your requests. You can expect your monthly service summaries to arrive on time – as usual.

We will continue our daily patrols and graffiti removal services for our clients with the utmost urgency and in a safe manner following the recommendations set forth by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

As previously noted, we have implemented various measures in order to maximize our efforts while reducing risks for our employees and clients as outlined in our March 12th email detailing our COVID-19 Response Plan.

The health and safety of our employees and our communities have always been and will remain our number one priority.  We look forward to the months ahead and seeing the resilience and strength of Canadians come to the forefront.

We wish you, your staff and families good health.

Goodbye Graffiti™ Inc and our Franchise Network



Goodbye Graffiti™ Lakeshore Celebrates 1 Year in Business!

Goodbye Graffiti™ Lakeshore was launched April 1st 2019 to better serve our Eastern Ontario clients. We are proudly providing quality assured graffiti removal services in Durham Region, Cobourg, Belleville, Peterborough, Lindsay and Kingston, Ontario.

Thank you to our amazing clients, colleagues, family and friends for a fantastic year.  We appreciate your continued support and look forward to many more successful years.

If you have any questions about Goodbye Graffiti™ Lakeshore please contact Vice President of Operations, Katie Lee at

For a free estimate call 1-877-684-4747 or email





Goodbye Graffiti™ Surrey Awarded City of Surrey Graffiti Removal Contract

We are pleased to announce Goodbye Graffiti™ Surrey has been awarded the City of Surrey graffiti removal contract.  Surrey is the largest city in land area in Metro Vancouver and one of the fastest growing cities in all of Canada.

As the sole contractor Goodbye Graffiti™ Surrey will be responsible for over 80 city owned parks and buildings including libraries and community centres.  Goodbye Graffiti™ will be active in the city of Surrey daily, monitoring, patrolling and removing graffiti.

The technicians, administrators and ownership at Goodbye Graffiti™ Surrey are dedicated to serving the city of Surrey and its residents.  We look forward to giving you the cleanest, greenest Surrey possible.

Goodbye Graffiti™ and Dulux Paints partner to Knock out Racism

A cornerstone of our business at Goodbye Graffiti™  for over 20 years has always been the FREE removal of racist and hate graffiti.  Racist and hate graffiti has always been a priority, once notified we are on site immediately, we use all available resources to efficiently and professionally remove or cover any hate or racist graffiti free of charge to the citizen.  Goodbye Graffiti™ and Dulux paints have a long-standing business relationship and have now taken the exciting next step to knock out racism together.  Dulux paints will now cover the cost of any paint needed by Goodbye Graffiti™ operations to cover the graffiti.  Both Goodbye Graffiti™ and Dulux paints are strong proponents of supporting the communities we work in and promoting inclusive, safe neighbourhoods.  If you or someone you know is ever affected by racist or hate graffiti please do not hesitate to call Goodbye Graffiti’s Customer Care line at 1-877-684-4747.  

Goodbye Graffiti™ Edmonton and Free Footie!

Goodbye Graffiti™ Edmonton’s franchise owner, Martin Grantham is proud to announce that he is partnering with Free Footie YEG.  Free Footie’s Mission is to “provide vulnerable kids with the opportunity to play in a safe, accessible and inclusive environment at no to cost to them or their families – because when kids are empowered through play, their families, their schools and their communities are empowered as well”. 

The Free Footie program ensures that any boy or girl in grades 3-6 who attends school in the areas they serve can play soccer if they want.  Free Footie covers the cost of registration but also includes; shin pads, soccer socks, shorts, a ball and jersey for every player. In addition to fees and equipment, Free Footie ensures games are scheduled right after school in their own communities so transportation does not become a hindrance.

In addition to learning about soccer and improving their skills, the Free Footie program provides a well-needed break from the stressful home lives that many of these children encounter.

Martin is proud and excited to be a part of this wonderful program! and we look forward to seeing the children progress through out the year.

Staff Profile: Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver General Manager, Danielle Beck

In the spirit of International Women’s Day 2019 we take this opportunity to profile another strong, successful women at Goodbye Graffiti™, Danielle Beck.  Danielle has risen through the ranks at Goodbye Graffiti™ beginning in Toronto in 2013 as a Sentinel and an Administrator to today managing Goodbye Graffiti’s largest and most successful market, Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver.  Under Danielle’s leadership, Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver has been revitalized and with record-breaking sales accomplishments and renewed relationships with clients throughout the city.

Role with Goodbye Graffiti™: General Manager Vancouver & Sea to Sky

What did you do before Goodbye Graffiti™: Prior to coming on board with Goodbye Graffiti I was a Human Resources Manager for one of the largest General Motors Dealerships in Ontario.

What are your strengths as a Goodbye Graffiti™ team member: I try and create a framework for people in different functional disciplines to work together effectively towards a common goal. My unwavering commitment to Customer Service and realistically high standards are what makes me a strong leader at Goodbye Graffiti. `

The best part of your role with Goodbye Graffiti™:  I love working as part of a team with many moving parts that must flow together seamlessly in order to be successful. Motivating people to reach a common goal is exhilarating for me and something I take a lot of pride in. Our team at the Vancouver office is super tight-knit and it is a pleasure working with each and everyone in such a vibrant community.  As a fully trained and certified lift vehicle operator, I also love driving some of the big articulating boom lifts we utilize to safely remove large pieces of graffiti from precarious places.

The Most challenging part of your role with Goodbye Graffiti™: Scheduling around the weather!

What is the most interesting piece of graffiti you have ever seen:  Muralists are incredibly inspiring with their larger than life creations. I am particularly fond of cultural or political pieces that make you stop and think about an idea, perhaps step outside of your world view and see a new perspective. Richard Tetrault is an amazing Visual Artist, Muralist here in Vancouver and his amazing cultural work can be seen all over the city.  iHeart and Banksy also come to mind.


International Women’s Day 2019

The Goodbye Graffiti™ network is proud to hire, promote and support women in business.  Did you know that 80% of Goodbye Graffiti’s head office employees are women?

In what one may think is a traditionally male industry, women at Goodbye Graffiti™ continue to thrive.  Perri Domm, owner and founder of Goodbye Graffiti™ has continuously hired and promoted women into management positions resulting in long term employees and a successful business.  Currently, the positions of Goodbye Graffiti’s Vice President, Vice President of Operations, Customer Care Manager and National Accounts Administrator are held by women with a combined 35 years of experience with the company.  In addition to Goodbye Graffiti’s corporate employees, Goodbye Graffiti’s largest and most successful franchise Goodbye Graffiti™ Vancouver is both owned and managed by women.  In partnership with Perri Domm, the women of Goodbye Graffiti™ have worked to create the world largest and most  Graffiti Removal franchise network.

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